Thursday, February 28, 2008


"N. is easy to love, devotedly. She is very beautiful, not like a girl. She is lean and tough. She fucks like a gang of boys. She is smart and quiet. She doesn't waste words. She grins from ear to ear. She is never afraid. Women pursue her. She is aloof, amused. She fucks everyone eventually, with perfect simplicity and grace.
She is a rough fuck. She grinds her hips in. She pushes her fingers in. She tears around inside. She is all muscle and jagged bones. She thrusts her hips so hard you can't remember who she is or how many of her there are. The first time she tore me apart. I bled and bled.
Women want her. So do men. She fucks everyone. It is always easier for her to than not to. She has perfect courtesy and rare grace. She is marvelously polite, never asking, never taking, until licensed by an urgent request. Then she is a hooligan, all fuck and balls.
She is slightly more reserved with men. When a man fucks me, she says, I am with him, fucking me. The men ride her like maniacs. Her eyes roll back but stay open and she grins. She is always them fucking her, no matter how intensely they ride. Me I get fucked but she is different, always just slightly outside and on top: being him, fucking her. The men are ignorant and entranced. She dresses like a glittering boy, a tough, gorgeous boy.
She is Garbo in Queen Christina but run-down and dirty and druggy, leaner and tougher: more used: slightly smelling of decay and death, touched by the smell of the heat and the smell of the piss and the smell of men: but untouched underneath by any human lust not her own."
(Ice and Fire, Andrea Dworkin)

N. sunt eu. In alta viata.
Nu am facut absolut nimic azi si orele curg fara sir. Le masor in oftat, geamat si transpiratie. Doua orgasme senine, ca doua valuri. Curate si inecatoare. Fantezii, literotica, youporn, si colectia personala la cea mai mare discretie. Spre disperarea lui, si a dorintei tari, ofilita prematur de refuzul meu obosit si mofturos.
N. sunt eu. Nepretioasa si curajoasa. In alta viata.

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