Monday, December 15, 2008

End of year lists :)

Top 10 Things to do in Order to Avoid Writing a Thesis:

10. Play Mahjong until your eyes water.
9. Read every gossip magazine, juicy novel or toothpaste ingredients found lying around.
8. Sing on music to everyone's horror.
7. Sob to music.
6. Eat every two hours and otherwise snack in between.
5. Clean the room obsessively.
4. Watch Nip-Tuck until 2 am.
3. Have a mini-breakdown after every excruciatingly painfully written paragraph.
2. Chat, chat, and did I mention chat?
1. Anything else (i.e. stare at the ceiling, fantasize of vacations in Bermuda and other things free people engage in.)

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