Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Only love can leave such a mark

My mother divorced my father because, like most officers, he drank too much Sljivovica. After she left him he underwent treatment to stop drinking. For the next 15 years he didn't drink. My mother died of leukaemiea.

My father's second wife told me that she had followed him secretly a few times... Night after night she would find him smoking, sitting till dawn under the windows of the room where my mother lay dying on the 3rd floor of the military hospital in Split.

After her death, he returned to his village on the Hungarian border and planted a vineyard that yielded 1000 litres per year. He survived my mother by twenty years and drank those 1000 litres more or less alone.

I dedicate ALKOHOL to my parents.

Inscriptia pe prima pagina a albumului ALKOHOL al lui Goran Bregovic.

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