Sunday, November 1, 2009


Am gasit articolul urmator in editia de vineri Octombrie 30 2009 a cotidianului Toronto Star la sectiunea IT - a daily compendium of useful tips, offbeat facts and heartwarming tales to brighten your life. Iata o heatwarming tale, despre empatie si bunatate.

A Streetcar full of helpers

I am a regular customer of the TTC. My baby boy had a sudden spike in temperature, so I rode the Queen streetcar to the doctor's office. However, road construction and detours were making the ride difficult, and it seemed like my son's temperature only increased over time. He kept crying uncontrollably.
A number of concerned riders asked if they could do anything. One nursing student even went to the driver asking how much longer it would take to reach the destination. The TTC operator phoned his supervisor for assistance. But, realistically, nothing could be done.
Finally, two young men - probably students as they were carrying backpacks - gave me a $20 bill. They helped me carry my baby and his carriage off the streetcar and then hailed a taxi. They wouldn't give me their names or contact information, so I could pay them back.
As the taxi pulled away, people on the streetcar waved and blew kisses. God bless you all, I am forever grateful to the people on the streetcar that day.
Jenny Smith-Chan, Toronto.

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