Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Birth House

The Birth House is heartbreakingly beautiful. Mi-a smuls inima din piept si mi-a taiat-o in bucatele si mi le-a rasfirat in vant. I felt like my mind could not hold so much emotion, so much injustice, so much suffering, so much submission. Ca si cand, the act of reading was a magical initiation, an incantation in a sacred ritual that suddenly opened me wide, tearing at my heart and placing my hand straight on its open wound, to taste its fascinating memory impregnated by blood. Sangele, the liquid that transports you to another dimension, one where you can suddenly tap into the cosmic pool of ageless memory of all the women of the earth, of all their struggle and all their pain, an opening of the third eye, a violet explosion of awareness, of consciousness to what it means to be a woman, what is has always meant - the sinner woman, created to submit to men, vulnerable creatures of lesser intellect, strength and value, feeble minded and evil prone, condemned to suffer the pains of wanted and unwanted children and the spiritual woman, the wild woman which shares in nature's secrets and is blessed to see and hear and feel the holy workings of this world, aided and supported by spirits and faeries and the Virgin Mary, privileged to use her hands and her brain and all of her heart to heal and to love. To save the world.

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