Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fear of flying

We make our way out of the palace and into another courtyard which is now chiefly used as a parking lot. Amid the ghosts of Opels and Volkswagen and Peugeots we embrace. Mouth to mouth and belly to belly. Adrian must have the wettest kiss in history. His tongue is everywhere, like the ocean. We are sailing away. His penis (bulging under his corduroy pants) is the tall red smokestack of an ocean liner. And I am moaning around it like ocean wind. And I am saying all the silly things you say while necking in parking lots, trying somehow to express a longing which is inexpressible - except maybe in poetry. And it all comes out so lame. I love your mouth. I love your hair. I love your ears. I want you. I want you. Anything to avoid saying: I love you. Because this is almost too good to be love. Too yummy and delicious to be anything as serious and sober as love. Your whole mouth has turned liquid. His tongue tastes better than a nipple to an infant.
Meanwhile, he's got my ass and is cupping it with both hands. He's put my book on the fender and he's grabbed by ass instead. Isn't that why I write?

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