Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Mi-am lasat imaginatia sa prinda radacini in Los Angeles, asa cum altii isi planteaza visele la Paris, Londra, New York, Vienna sau Barcelona. Si pentru ca legatura noastra sa nu ramana o aventura efemera de o noapte, imi hranesc pasiunea si completez amintirile cu detalii interesante ce ma fac sa apreciez si mai mult orasul. Despre arhitectura centrului Getty, cu un design curat si special, mai jos:

Meier was chosen, and for the Getty Centre, as the entire complex was called, the Pritzker laureate and his associates designed a glimmering white Acropolis, eventually costing $1 billion, for the 110-acre promontory. As the center moved toward its December 1997 opening, it was becoming increasingly apparent that Meier had accomplished a masterpiece of monumental modernism, at once classical in its open spaces, massing, and other arrangements, and romantic in its shimmering poetry of place.

More subtly, the Getty offered Los Angeles an experience of traditional urbanism at the very centre of a deconstructed city. Through Getty Centre, Los Angeles could day-dream itself as a classical city, condensed, balanced, and dense, released from the burdens of hyper-horizontality. At the Getty, Los Angeles became a city on a hill.

Coast of Dreams, K. Starr.

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